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A tool for richer conversation.

Well Known is a book of questions divided up into 5 levels of knowing someone. Many people struggle to know how to deepen conversation and could benefit from a guide to help in that process. Each level contains 20 questions, ranging from general information to inner core knowledge of another person. Perfect for friends who are just getting to know each other or who have known one another forever. Also great for couples getting to know each other or married a long time but looking for ways to re-connect. Road trips, date nights, dinner table questions ... connecting the good ol' fashion way through real conversations!

Strangely, it’s the things inside of us that feel the most real, and yet are the most unknown from the outside looking in.

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After 40+ years together I couldn’t imagine there was anything about my husband that I didn’t know. Once I stopped answering for him and listened to “the rest of the story, “ I can truly say knowing someone well is an evolving process. The new found insight has been a spark in our relationship. Now we keep our Well Known nearby to kindle discussion and some giggles!
— Sandy
We had such a fun time going through level one questions with a group of friends while enjoying a weekend at the lake. One question would open up conversation to all sorts of other topics, and we still talk about things we learned about each other. Our next time together we are going “to the next level” with our questions!
— Kate
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Well Known was created by Kaitie and Jared Bryant after years of long conversations about friendships and marriages and deeper connections.  Kaitie is a professional photographer, and Jared serves as a pastor & counselor.  Jared and Kaitie have 2 boys, Ethan and Andy, and a super kind dog, Roxie.   

The inspiration behind Well Known came in 2006 when Kaitie created a series of questions called Level Jumpers and gave them as gifts to newly married couples and friends.  After listening to a powerful podcast by Seth Godin 10 years later, Kaitie and Jared took that little stack of cards and developed the idea further, making Well Known a product more people can benefit from.  

The Known Project is born out of the belief that knowing others is the first step towards loving them.